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Apartment Renters’ Shifted Amenities Preferences Are Likely to Last After COVID-19

During the pandemic, the kinds of amenities apartment renters looked for shifted. Outdoor spaces, reliable Internet connectivity and extra space for working all became “must haves” for some renters. And

Benefits of Donating Real Estate to Charity

A tax-smart approach to maximize your philanthropic impact. Caleb Lund Whether it’s the family home, undeveloped land, a rental property, or some other investment, your real estate held for more

An Alternative to Dividend Stocks? Real Estate Investments with Monthly Income Potential

There are multiple ways to participate in the investment real estate market and pursue income, appreciation, and diversification. Dwight Kay Dividend-paying stocks and interest-bearing bonds aren’t the only ways to

Five Steps to Construct a Diverse Real Estate Investment Portfolio

Here are some guidelines on maximizing returns and minimizing risks when building your commercial real estate portfolio. Dwight Kay Millions of Americans invest in alternative assets, including real estate. It’s an