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There’s Both Debt and Equity Available for Office Deals. Stringent Underwriting Is the Key

While there is concern about distress in the short term, lenders of all kinds are willing to finance the right office transactions. Patricia Kirk A decline in office utilization if it

Can Ground Leases Provide Equity Relief for Operators Navigating the COVID-19 Pandemic?

In a Q&A with NREI, Dan Amer, of Kawa Capital Management, talks about the pros and cons of ground lease transactions. Liz Wolf As commercial real estate owners continue grappling with vacancies,

Hot Mortgage Market Is the Fed’s House of Cards

If the central bank ever steps away from backstopping mortgage bonds, the consequences could be dire. Bloomberg (Bloomberg Opinion)—When the definitive story is written about U.S. financial markets during the

Family Offices Weigh Options for Optimizing CRE Allocations

A virtual event last week brought together ultra-high-net-worth individuals, family office staff/members and investors to discuss commercial real estate trends. Beth Mattson-Teig Family offices have long viewed commercial real estate as

Mixed Retail-Industrial Uses Present a New Opportunity for Investors

The industrial-retail frontier may be the saving grace for a pandemic-impacted CRE portfolio. Steve Backman and Tracy Hammer In commercial real estate, the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and related

The Right Way to Handle Tenant Relief Requests

This is how commercial landlords can maintain revenues in the face of appeals for rent relief, bankruptcies, and other COVID-19 pressures. Mark Leverette All around the country, commercial real estate

Cannabis Tenants and Sale Leasebacks—Potential Strategies When Tenants Face Financial Distress

As some cannabis tenants struggle, here’s how landlords can deal with their unique legal status. William A. Organek and Claudia Z. Springer Many companies in the cannabis industry currently face