Seller Representation

For our seller, we work closely with you to develop strategic marketing plans based on current market conditions which are designed to quickly get your property from listing to closing.    In addition, we strategically position your property among qualified buyers to secure the best possible buyer at the best possible price point.

On behalf of the seller, our philosophy is to cast the widest possible net to attract the largest pool of buyers.  In addition to our exclusive buyer and broker database, our firm has an effective and tiered marketing approach to locate the most credible buyer. You, the  seller, can be confident that we will exhaust the field of prospects and assure the best possible price and terms for a successful closing.

LEVEL Realty’s service for dispositions includes:

Suitable property underwriting and valuation
Marketplace comparable analysis
Future cash flow analysis
Create a comprehensive marketing and sales plan, including targeted advertising of your property
Evaluate buyer proposals and conduct an analysis of each offer
Negotiate sales terms and purchase agreements
Monitor buyer due diligence
Manage property closing procedures
1031 Exchange follow-up (if applicable)