Buyer Representation

For our buyers, we conduct exhaustive “property type” real estate searches using and aggressively pursue the right opportunities and the right sellers.  We work with you to understand your investment goals, space needs, and provide you with an experienced team to represent you to achieve the best buy in the desired market.

LEVEL Realty engages clients on an exclusive and non-exclusive basis to represent them in their acquisition process.  We make a point of locating all potential properties to specifically meet your acquisition parameters and then reach out directly to the appropriate owner. LEVEL Realty utilizes a vast number of resources to determine suitable underwriting and manages the due diligence process.  You, the buyer, can be certain of guidance throughout the purchase process.

LEVEL Realty’s services for acquisitions include:

Property selection
Suitable property underwriting and valuation
Future cash flow analysis
Negotiate sales terms and purchase agreements
Due Diligence management
Manage property closing procedures
Property Management and Leasing guidance