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LEVEL Realty provides top-notch comprehensive services for clients with investment property acquisition and disposition needs.  Our brokerage team’s vast experience and collective efforts have resulted in hundreds of successful commercial investment transactions.  We advise both institutional and private owners in the acquisition and disposition of commercial property including retail, office, industrial, land, and multifamily assets.

For our seller, we work closely with you to develop strategic marketing plans based on current market conditions which are designed to quickly get your property from listing to closing.    In addition, we strategically position your property among qualified buyers to secure the best possible buyer at the best possible price point.

On behalf of the seller, our philosophy is to cast the widest possible net to attract the largest pool of buyers.  In addition to our exclusive buyer and broker database, our firm has an effective and tiered marketing approach to locate the most credible buyer. You, the  seller, can be confident that we will exhaust the field of prospects and assure the best possible price and terms for a successful closing.

LEVEL Realty’s service for dispositions includes:

Suitable property underwriting and valuation
Marketplace comparable analysis
Future cash flow analysis
Create a comprehensive marketing and sales plan, including targeted advertising of your property
Evaluate buyer proposals and conduct an analysis of each offer
Negotiate sales terms and purchase agreements
Monitor buyer due diligence
Manage property closing procedures
1031 Exchange follow-up (if applicable)

For our buyers, we conduct exhaustive “property type” real estate searches using and aggressively pursue the right opportunities and the right sellers.  We work with you to understand your investment goals, space needs, and provide you with an experienced team to represent you to achieve the best buy in the desired market.

LEVEL Realty engages clients on an exclusive and non-exclusive basis to represent them in their acquisition process.  We make a point of locating all potential properties to specifically meet your acquisition parameters and then reach out directly to the appropriate owner. LEVEL Realty utilizes a vast number of resources to determine suitable underwriting and manages the due diligence process.  You, the buyer, can be certain of guidance throughout the purchase process.

LEVEL Realty’s services for acquisitions include:

Property selection
Suitable property underwriting and valuation
Future cash flow analysis
Negotiate sales terms and purchase agreements
Due Diligence management
Manage property closing procedures
Property Management and Leasing guidance

LEVEL Realty has extensive experience and resources to help you improve the performance of your retail, office, or industrial property. As one size does not fit all when it comes to leasing strategies, we pride ourselves on creating comprehensive leasing programs designed around each unique client’s criteria and communication expectations.  LEVEL Realty agents are experts at developing and customizing aggressive marketing plans that increase occupancies and maximize property values for our clients

As the owner of a commercial property, we understand how important it is to have complete trust in your real estate advisors and leasing strategy. Rest assured, LEVEL Realty always prioritizes the needs of its clients and dedicates itself to effective client communication and constant transparency. We take the time to walk our clients through each step in their leasing strategy to ensure they understand every facet of the plan.

Landlord and seller representation are our specialty.  We have built our business around leasing and selling properties for local and national property owners.  Our proprietary services and strategies ensure full occupancy in each of our clients’ properties so investments – and returns – are maximized.  LEVEL Realty has built a strong foundation in many key areas of commercial real estate such as retail, office, mixed use, industrial, multifamily, and land for development. LEVEL Realty focuses on understanding each individual property and the surrounding area to tell the best story.

When you rely on LEVEL Realty for your leasing needs, you can expect unparalleled service.

We take the following steps to understand your needs and develop an appropriate strategy:

Determine and discuss the goals and objectives you have for your company.
Perform a property analysis and site walkthrough.
Review property legal description, survey, property tax information, and existing debt structure.
Conduct a market position analysis to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your property and how it matches up with market competitors.
Develop a unique, custom marketing plan for your property.
Discuss the plan in detail to secure client approval.

After Plan Creation:

Utilizing an innovative marketing approach to successfully position the building in the market
Maintaining superior market knowledge that is precise, timely and strategically implemented
Developing and maintaining long-term business relationships with brokers, potential tenants, and the community
Report the status of plan success and any transactional activity
Negotiate favorable lease terms
Implement strategic advice that reduces cost and saves time

If you are new to the region, expanding your business, or simply looking for new space, our talented and professional tenant representatives will help you understand the process.  LEVEL Realty is here to walk you through all aspects of site selection; from the discovery and identification phase, all the way through the negotiation and execution of your new lease or closing on new space.  Our local market knowledge allows us to help tenants and buyers find the right location at the right price.   Our deep understanding of local market conditions and their trends (rent rates, occupancy and absorption rates, and incentivized lease opportunities) put our tenants on the inside track which improves their business location, reduces their operational costs, and in the end, increases their profit.  By combining professional knowledge with the utmost integrity, LEVEL Realty has earned a reputation as the premiere brokerage team.

When you turn to us for buyer or tenant representation services, we will take the following steps:

Determine your requirements, space needs, growth requirements, budget, timeline, workflow, desired locations, company image, and required amenities.
Conduct a market survey of the properties that fit your criteria.
Arrange property tours.
Prepare and submit requests for proposals.
Analyze received proposals.
Manage space planning.
Negotiate lease terms and conditions.
Secure construction/renovation cost estimates.
Monitor construction/renovation progress.
Close on your property.

Our experience makes us the premier choice for institutional and private property owners that require high-quality reliable property management services.  Our team includes helpful and talented property managers, each hired to ensure the property functions effectively to maximize property values.  From landscaping to security to repairs, our property management experts offer peace of mind that every concern is being considered, managed, and properly cared for.  We also offer full accounting support tailored to your operation.

Our platform has been designed and proven to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and extract value from your existing real estate assets.  Whether managing a commercial real estate portfolio of investment properties or single owner-occupied property, we can provide individualized services and flexibility to match your company’s objectives.  We produce value through customized solutions guaranteeing our client’s assets perform at their peak level, thereby increasing property value and creating operating efficiencies.

To hear more about our property management services or to work with one of our qualified managers, Contact Us

Strategic Planning
Budgeting, Financial Reporting, Forecasting, and Expense Reconciliation
CAM Audit and Analysis
Tenant Lease Administration, Renewals and Expansions
Building Operations and Maintenance
Leasing and Contract Administration
Risk Management
Tenant Relations and Retention
Receivership and Trustee Services
Engineering and Mechanical
Construction Management
Lease Audits
Energy Conservation
Market Studies
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Property Accounting
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